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In the same way that all major appliances have upkeep requirements, the HVAC maintenance of your unit is critical to ensuring the health of your heating and cooling systems. If you haven’t had any maintenance completed on your units, your system could break down prematurely. Don’t neglect your HVAC unit when spring cleaning rolls around – protect your investment by having a professional clean, inspect, and repair your unit once a year. Regular HVAC maintenance is not only essential for extending the life of your system. It also keeps your family comfortable, safe and healthy. In fact, signing up for an HVAC maintenance agreement can save folks in Union Springs, Alabama, more money than they may realize. Read on to learn about all the benefits HVAC maintenance plans offer.

Lower Cost OF Repairs: Scheduling frequent maintenance can greatly reduce the cost of repairs up to 95%. Although it is almost impossible to avoid all HVAC repairs, preventive care saves a lot of money on unanticipated cooling and heating emergencies. A lot of companies offer service contracts to homeowners. With this plan, the homeowner will pay a certain fee, and the company will come out twice a year to inspect, clean and service the unit. Frequently these customers enjoy discount rates on repairs as well as getting top priority for service calls. It is a good way to guarantee that professionals you know and trust will properly maintain your equipment each year. please go here to this link and know more about advantage of regular HVAC maintenance.

Longer System Lifespan: Whether you’ve purchased a house with an HVAC system or you’ve had your own system installed, buying a brand-new HVAC unit probably isn’t on your radar anytime soon. Unfortunately, unless you schedule a regular tuneup, your HVAC unit will wear out over time. They simply aren’t engineered to run forever. Most HVAC systems are designed to last for 10 to 15 years. Signing up for an HVAC service agreement can help reach this milestone or even surpass it. Why take chances with such a major investment? Get your system the attention it needs to keep functioning for years to come.

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan: Equipment that may be clogged with dirt and grime has to work much harder and longer to produce the same amount of heating or cooling, which leads to early burnout and failure. Do not spend more on preventable and frequent component change-outs Spend smarter on preventive maintenance to extend the shelf life of your existing heating system, cooling, and ventilation gear.

Healthier Air: A dirty HVAC system can’t supply clean, healthy air to your family. When the ductworks clog with dust, pet dander and other contaminants that are harmful to your family’s health, everyone is at risk. Sticking with a regular maintenance agreement allows your service technician to clean the coils, fan motor and other system parts. This drastically reduces your exposure to indoor allergies. In fact, regular maintenance is a must for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies or chronic respiratory problems. Your family will notice a difference almost immediately.

Improved Air Quality: Indoor air quality can be affected by dirty shelves and blower parts in your air conditioning unit. This raises a large number of health-related concerns, such as pollen, and fungi and bacteria accumulation that you could be breathing in on an everyday basis. This sort of build up can trigger asthma episodes, eye, nose, and neck irritation, and flu-like ailments. Regular cleaning of these parts significantly reduces contamination of the airstream and makes for a healthier household and happier living environment.

Lower Utility Bills: The more efficiently your system is working, the lower your utility bills will be because your system isn’t fighting through accumulated debris inside the unit or overcompensating for other issues you may not even be aware of. The less your HVAC system is running, the smaller your bill will be! Reduces Humidity in Your Home_ Mold and mildew aren’t just a smelly nuisance but can be a health hazard. When your HVAC system is working correctly, it pulls water out of the air being drawn through the system. This reduces humidity levels in the home, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth and providing a more comfortable atmosphere inside the house.

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